Wines-4-Us sources premium wines from private family owned estates. This exclusive portfolio represents all top wine growing regions of South Africa as well as several of the European appellations. We are passionate about wines that match our ideas of terroir & identity! Our wines express the biodiversity related to its terroirs with unique characteristics and flavours.

We market this portfolio to established wine distributors world wide who secure listings in specialty retail stores, wine boutiques, restaurants, wine bars, hotels and to private collectors.

Wines-4-Us looks at the wine industry differently. We challenge markets previously not targeted and through this philosophy have managed to build a large network of distributors. This has opened the route to market for all our brands.

Wines-4-Us is a South African - German joint venture between Tanja Robinson from Cape Town, South Africa and Bert Seiter from Regensburg, Germany. The company is registred in Germany. We have a joined experience in the wine industry of more than 35 years and currently supply customers in more than 45 countries in Northern, Central and South America, Europe including the UK and Asia, including China and Japan

Personal relationships are built through frequent contact and regular communication. Wines-4-Us truly understands and respects the different nuances of each country and market segment. We use this knowledge to successfully match each producer to a target market. Most of all we share our passion for good food and wines.